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Earn $360 per month without investment

Earn $360 per month ,without investment , and 1.5 Hr. per day work

Are You serious about online earning, and ready to work 2 hrs per day

Then without any investment, it should possible for you to earn USD.200 per month to over USD.400 per month

This is possible through PTC (There are some sites which pay you for clicking the ads on their sites. These sites are called PTC [PAID TO CLICK] sites.

If you are serious about your business then try it. It is easy and fun.

You click 10 ads in one site = $0.01 * 10 = $0.1
Total time required [at 30 secs per site] = 30 * 10 = 300 secs

From 10 sites your earnings would be = $0.1 * 10 = $1 per day
Time factor required = 300 secs * 10 = 3000 secs
[ As 3600 secs = 1 hour, 3000 would about 50 minutes ]

Your monthly earning = $3.00 * 30 = $90.00
[Assuming you work 30 days a month at 3 hours per day]

If You have 5 Referrals per day, your earning would be (5*0.5)= $2.50 per day.
Your monthly earning = $2.50 * 30 = $75.00
[Assuming you work 30 days a month and 50% of them upgrade each day to premium level.]

And you also receive USD.5.00 once, for every upgrade.

If You have 2 Premium Referrals per day, you would earn (2*5)= $10 per day.
Your monthly earning = $10 * 30 = $300.00
[Assuming you work 30 days a month]

So the total monthly earning = $90 + $75 + $300 = $465 for a 90 hour month

Now, if you achieved 10 Referrals per day it would be (10*5)= $50 per day.
Your monthly earning = $30 * 50 = $1500.00
[Assuming you work 30 days a month]

So the total monthly earning = $90 + $75 + $1500 = $1665

A great dream eh !

If you are a bit of a techno-geek it would be a breeze for you. This is ideal for those in the age group of 14 to 16 and for working moms.

Following are the steps how you need to work:

1. Go to Paypal and Alertpay and register there. You will need this Paypal or Alertpay Personal account at time of registration with other sites. While registering it will ask for your Credit Card Information Click on cancel still your account is created at that time as it is not compulsory but surely u can add it later when u get paid by different sites and have a good amount in your paypal account.

* Create a new folder in ad favorite area (Your Browser-Favorites-Ad favorite-new folder-name of the new folder-save) in each browser.

2. Once you are registered, come back to and register with all the sites mentioned there. While registration, many sites will ask your Paypal Identity. You need to mention your Paypal email address or the email address you used while registration with Paypal.

3. Once you are done with registrations with all these sites, open all of them and login into them.

4. Every PTC website will have a button to open the advertisements page, it could be named like "Browse Ads", "Surf Ads", "Start Earning", "Earn Money", "View Ads" etc. Just locate this button and click on it to go to the advertisements page.

5. When you are on advertisements page, you will see several links. Each link will fetch you money, instantly. Click on one link at a time and let it open. Clicking on the link will open the page in new window. A countdown will start on the top of the page, wait for it to get over. Once the countdown is over, a "$" or tick will appear,which means that your account is credited.

6. Do not open any other advertisement from the same site until the countdown of the previous advertisement is over. That can cancel your credit for that click.

Tip: You cannot open two advertisements from the same website at a time, but you can always open advertisements from different sites at a time. You can open several or all the website all along, and login into them and go to advertisements page. Now click on one advertisement from each website. By the time you click advertisement from the last site, the countdown of the advertisement from first website will be over and you will be able to earn money faster than ever.

8. Every PTC website has a page where it shows how much advertisements have you clicked and how much balance is there in your account. You can only transfer this money balance once it reaches the minimum limit assigned by the owner of that website. The button to go to this page is normally named as "Members", "Your Stats", "My Stats" etc. This page will show you how much money you have earned. Once you reach the minimum limit, you can transfer that money to your Paypal account.

9. Once the money reach your Paypal account, you can transfer it conveniently to your Bank, or call for a cheque or credit the amount to your credit card.

NOTE - Some Of the sites donot support PAYPAL so they pay you through ALERTPAY

For referral user : Go Your profile area in each site, copy referral link and pest it in any word document with the site name.

Send this link with a documentation to your friends through mail, free blog, yahoo answer, orkut site from different online earning related free forum. So start the work:

Create your account with ;

Paypal -
Alertpay -

B. Registered your name in the following PTC sites and start earning.

Clix Sense - - -

Extra10 -

Neobux -

I have only listed few sites here, but there are so many out there - all you gotta do is to just google and identify them..

Besides, with a single post from any paid-review – it is enough to generate, anywhere between $5 to $10 for a single hours work. There are more such gimmicks, where time management is a priority.

Also mentioned below are some leads to freelancing and paid reviews

Check them out…

You might decide to take them up ……..

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