Sunday, 29 June 2008

Make Money From Blogging ?

I still come across a certain set of people who have strong personal feelings in regards to "make money from blogging".

If you think marketing your blog is bad, immoral, uncool, greedy, horribly or everything after those principles, then do quit thiming of "how to make money frm blogging"

Then, if you also have mixed feelings over the monetizing of your blog, then its better you sort out those feelings first. If you think monetizing of your blog is wonderful, that is fine. If you think, it is evil, it is also fine.

But you have to form your understanding, before you consider seriously beginning to start down this way

Im other words, you have to be congruent or have a definite aim

Generating income from your blog is challenging enough — you don’t want to be dealing with self-sabotage at the same time. It should feel genuinely good to "earn income from blogging" — you should be driven by a healthy ambition to succeed.

If your blog has and is a genuine value source, then in all aspects, you need to make money off it. If you do decide to "earn income from blogging", then don’t be shy about it.

If you’re going to put up ads, then really put up ads. Don’t just stick a puny little ad square in a remote corner somewhere. If you’re going to request donations, then really request donations.

Don’t put up a barely visible "Donate" link and pray for the best. If you’re going to sell products, then really sell them.

Try and market the best quality products and try providing your visitors with genuine reasons about the product so they are inclined to buy same. If you’re going to do this, then fully commit to it. Don’t take a half-arsed approach.

Either take a full arsed or no arsed viewpoint, but definitely not a half-arsed view !

Now it is practically up to people on what they choose...

Some easy references.........

Have fun blogging and hope you make money blogging

Whatever may be the case, here is hoping that you "make money from blogging"

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