Thursday, 26 June 2008


You may already know that within each type of blog hosting, there are several different popular-blogging-platforms or programs, you have probably heard of some of them already and may have even tried some of them already.


Blogger is a free hosted blogging tool by Google that has been around for a long time and is very easy to use. Many people make personal blogs on this site and it only takes about 10 minutes to set up your first blog. They have a nice selection of templates but Blogger doesn’t allow for a lot of customization. -


LiveJournal allows you to set up online journals quickly and easily. It is a collaboration and networking tool that is great for individuals but makes customization difficult. Again, it depends on what you are trying to do with your blog but if you hope to make money, this might not be your best option.


Textpattern is a free self-hosted tool which works best for those that are good with technology. It is much more customizable that the aforementioned options and it has wizard based interface to make this easier for you. It also uses custom formatting.

Typepad (hosted)/ Moveable Type (self-hosted)

Typepad was created by SixApart and is the hosted version of their popular MoveableType platform. These are both options for you to consider depending on your specific needs. Typepad is a paid blogging platform but it is still relatively affordable. There are different levels of access that will affect the price ranging from Basic to Pro.


Wordpress is both hosted and self hosted, depending on what your needs are. Wordpress is free and is easy to setup and use. There are hundreds of plugins to extend functionality in different areas. This is by far one of the most popular options around today. Here is a list of some popular blogging platforms which bloggers can install on their own servers:

Grey Matter

Grey Matter - (free + opensource) -

Open Journal (free)

Open Journal (free) -

Some popular blogging platforms

• b2evolution
• bBlog
• blosxom
• ExpressionEngine
• Drupal
• Movable Type
• Nucleus CMS
• Radio UserLand
• Roller Weblogger
• Serendipity
• Subtext
• Textpattern
• Windows Live Writer

Some popular blogging services [no installation required]

• Blogger
• LiveJournal
• Open Diary
• TypePad
• Windows Live Spaces
• Xanga

You have to decide for yourself which platform you think will meet all of your needs the best. So what should you look for while selecting a platform?

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